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FRMEZ represents my deep passion for visual arts. With an architectural background and several years of experience in the industry, I believe that attention to detail and commitment to quality are the foundation for successful projects.

As a professional freelancer, I commit to projects and clients at the same time. My clients are in control of every aspect of their project at any time and yet want to be able to rely on competent professionals. I understand that clients and projects want to be dealt with in an individual and distinctive way and I am committed to deliver tailored products that set my clients apart from your competition. To me, the visual aspect of communication is the strongest and that there is nothing more valuable than a memorable first impression. At FRMEZ, I've worked with a variety of clients and created for content for interdisciplinary projects nation wide.

Traditional Architectural Photography, Time-Lapses and Videography are my core disciplines which I offer to my clients separately or in combination with each other in order to emphasise the projects main characteristics and create a successful product.

If you would like to have your visual content rested in professional and experienced hands, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to discuss my contribution to your project at any time.

Thank you.



Martin Siegner
Waterloo 2017 NSW
email: martin@frmez.com
mobil: 0432 209 537